Trump’s GOP Starts Own Ministry of Propaganda

For a year and a half, I’ve explained to anyone who would listen that all this “Trump vs. The Swamp” nonsense was propaganda to hoodwink a lot of na├»ve people into giving the GOP’s half of the Uniparty establishment exactly what it wanted — carte orange to roll Washington’s progressive agenda right over that minority of Americans who liked their country and wanted to keep it.

Here’s a small but interesting tidbit of evidence in further support of my “theory,” which is really nothing but a clear-eyed explication of the well-known facts about Donald Trump, the Washington establishment, and the maneuverings used to ensure that Trump’s candidacy would not be challenged from “the right,” just as was previously done in favor of Romney, McCain, Bush, and so on.

As hinted at during the primaries and presidential campaign, Trump is starting his own TV network to present pro-Trump spin in the superficial form of a news broadcast, as is done by all the best autocrats. Nothing new there, as America’s news media has been a pure propaganda machine for decades, though a little less openly and with some (occasional) pretenses at “hearing the other side.” (The chief pretense being that there actually is another side in Washington.)

And who, you might ask, is the hostess of the Ministry of Trump-Truth’s inaugural broadcast? None other than the lovely and talented Kayleigh McEnany (a co-chairwoman of the influential Blond Republicans for Trump) — who also happens to have just been named spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. That’s right: Trump is now officially surrounding himself with only the best propaganda, and feeding it directly through the GOP’s own mouthpiece.

And the swamp just keeps getting more and more drained, doesn’t it?

Donny the Wonder Rhino

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