Trump’s Ego Pummeled in Alabama…tee-hee

For a long time, I’ve been calling Trump The Orange McConnell — my answer to the baloney about Trump as an anti-establishment figure, when in fact he has been McConnell’s biggest booster, and one of his biggest donors, for years. A conservative friend once described Trump to me as “pure id.” Well, if he’s the id, McConnell is the ego. 

And The Orange McConnell — ego, id, and establishment superego — just took a sound thrashing in the Alabama U.S. Senate Primary Runoff, as Roy Moore cleaned Luther Strange’s clock, and with it Trump’s fantasies of having a Midas touch. 

Trump endorsed McConnell’s lackey, Strange, early and often, and even visited Alabama toward the end of this runoff to thank Strange for kissing his ring so well. Best laid plans….

All I know is, if I cared about Twitter, I’d be waiting breathlessly — maybe even starting up a pool to guess the exact time — for Trump’s series of tweets claiming he “always thought Strange was a weak candidate, and only pretended to support him to try to force McConnell’s hand on ObamaCare repeal, whereas Moore wants to make America great again, which is why I look forward to continuing to back him going forward.”

Okay, I know — Trump couldn’t spell “whereas,” but you get the point. Trump, the id, is a new psychological category: the first known case of a terminally insecure, bandwagon-hopping alpha male. 

And the cult will be just sure this was all part of that grand Trump strategy you just aren’t clever enough to understand.

The Trump Train Chugs Along

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