GOP’s ObamaCare Makeover Fails

Gee, that’s too bad! So America will not get the wonderful new health care system designed by Lindsey Graham, an establishment RINO, and Bill Cassidy, who was a Louisiana Democrat until fifteen years ago. I mean I’m sure this Graham-Cassidy version of ObamaCare would have been a great “replacement” for the old version.

If it had passed, then henceforth and forever, Republican progressives would have been able to run on “improving the national health care system” without anyone asking, “Hey, isn’t national health care a leftist idea?”

“Not anymore,” Republicans would have been able to reply with enthusiasm. “Karl Marx is a founding father now, don’t you know — and we need to keep upgrading this nationalized Republican medical system to stave off the Democrats’ plans for single payer!”

Furthermore, Trump was all in favor of this bill — as he had been in favor of each previous House and Senate bill, before they failed and Trump suddenly declared them worthless and their sponsors losers. But as we all know, in this era of “draining the swamp,” whatever establishment hackery Trump supports right now is The Good, and must be supported by anyone who doesn’t want to be branded a traitor on the internet.

So the path to socialized medicine will continue to be identified exclusively with the Democrats for the time being. What a sad loss. A tragedy, really. 

(More on this latest GOP fraud scheme, and what it means, later.)

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