Trump’s Dog Days

Donald Trump hired a worthless reality TV exhibitionist named Omarosa for a real job in the real White House. He praised her, as he does all his hires, as he continually tells the world he only hires the best people.

Well, today that worthless reality TV exhibitionist is a “dog” — according to the man who only hires the best people.

Okay, Trump is a moron, a vulgarian, a sissy, a mean girl, and a foul-minded jackass who belongs in the United States government about as much as…well, about as much as a worthless reality TV exhibitionist belongs in the White House. But we — by “we,” I mean non-cultists and non-cultists-behind-masks-of-pretended-objectivity — already know all that.

What I wanted to mention here was merely this: A job at the White House is not a “break” for someone with no experience or knowledge vaguely related to government. Who in his right mind would think it was a good idea to give “a crazed, crying lowlife a break” by handing her a responsible job in the executive branch of the United States Federal Government?! 

Exactly — no one in his right mind. Case closed.

But here’s who would give a crazed, crying lowlife such a job: another worthless reality TV exhibitionist. Another crazed, crying lowlife. Another dog.

“Will the cult and their fellow travelers wake up?” I ask for the thousandth time. And of course, for the thousandth time, I know the answer.

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