Peter Strzok is Deeply Saddened

I have generally steered clear of the details of Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. In particular, I have avoided the peripheral soap operas regarding whether or not everyone involved in the investigation is a deep state operative working for Hillary to undermine the Dear Orange Leader.

But the FBI’s firing of Peter Strzok warrants a short comment.

Strzok was a counterintelligence agent involved in both the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation and Mueller’s Russian interference investigation. He has come under heavy criticism for remarks he made in a series of messages exchanged with his girlfriend, Lisa Page, seemingly showing a level of anti-Trump bias that might reasonably be grounds for suspecting his motives in his work on both investigations.

Now, having previously been reprimanded by the FBI, he has at last been fired.

His response? “Poor me — give me money.”

As RightScoop notes, Strzok has started a “Go Fund Me” page, and is raking in oodles of cash. So here’s the lesson:

Cheat on your wife with a colleague. Exchange personal text messages with your illicit lover discussing your professional work on a very sensitive national security matter. Get yourself in hot water with the United States Congress, and reprimanded by the FBI, for your unprofessional behavior and possible malicious bias in handling sensitive information related to your classified work.

Then, when you lose your job due to all the bad publicity you’ve brought on your profession and your workplace with your moral weakness and loose lips, don’t act like a man and accept responsibility for the rough time you’ve brought on yourself. Rather, cry victim and beg the general public to sympathize with you and give you money for your pains.

Sounds pretty “woke” to me. Contrary to the GOP tribal angle on this story, this really has nothing to do with Trump per se. This is just a nice object lesson in how the modern Democrat thinks.

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