Trump Helpfully Defines “Never Trumper”

Donald Trump submitted the following thoughtful remarks for the world’s perusal today, in which he examines the congressional testimony of a high-ranking military officer regarding Trump’s phone conversation with the Ukrainian president:

The omitted question mark in the first sentence. The random and meaningless block capitals, which in internet protocol equals shouting, and is often deleted by moderators as uncivil behavior. The misspelling of the name of a country at the center of a major story in which he himself is involved. Yes, Trump himself certainly wrote this missive, presumably during one of his (probably more frequent than usual these days) visits to the presidential throne room.

What I wish to highlight, however, is a follow-up comment in the tweet that completes Trump’s “thought”:

Trump has designated a decorated military veteran and member of the National Security Council a Never Trumper purely on the grounds that the man testified under oath that Trump misrepresented his phone call with the Ukrainian president, and that he brought his concerns about the content of the call to the attention of his superiors at the time. 

In other words, Trump has very helpfully clarified the proper meaning of the term “Never Trump” for us, and I suggest that from now on we all adhere carefully to his clarification when using the term, to wit:

Never Trumper: A person who places his conception of the truth, his personal honor, his lifelong hard-earned reputation, and his notion of the best interests of America above his petty desire for career advancement or his immature craving for approval and belonging.

I’m good with that definition, and from now on I will be using the term with exactly that implication. Thank you, Donny Boy. 

In a very closely related story, Trump’s former chief of staff, General John Kelly, who was many cultists’ favorite member of the administration until he suddenly wasn’t, got himself into hot, or rather holy, water with the worshippers the other day, when he claimed that upon his departure from the White House he warned Trump not to replace him with a yes man, on the grounds that without an independent mind in that position to advise Trump against his most ignorant and rash decisions, he would likely get himself impeached. 

Needless to say, Kelly, for his troubles, got himself summarily designated a “swamp creature” and “NeverTrumper” by morons (i.e., Trump supporters) all over the “conservative” websites. But the best reply of all came from Trump’s press secretary, who blasted Kelly as “unequipped to handle the genius of our great president” — thereby pretty much proving Kelly’s point.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I have zero respect for John Kelly, or for anyone else whom we may reasonably presume to have the basic intelligence needed to see what Trump is, but who nevertheless willingly accepts a high-level administration appointment. And don’t tell me about the military man’s sense of honor and duty to country. If he were active military and ordered by his commander-in-chief to perform a certain role, that would be one thing. But to attach oneself to Trump and his presidency by voluntary civilian choice? No, that’s a bridge too far.

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