Trump Dives to Bottom of Swamp

If you had to defend yourself against accusations of wrongdoing, I presume you would know better than to say, “But most politicians would do the same.” You would understand that saying most politicians would act as you did is virtually self-incriminating — particularly if you were a politician whose campaign was built on promising to “drain the swamp” of corrupt politicians.

But then I’m assuming you are a rational being, not Donald Trump. I’m assuming that, whatever your flaws or weaknesses, you are a person with a moral compass, not Donald Trump. I’m assuming you are a person with self-respect and some dignity, not Donald Trump.

If, however, you were Donald Trump, and your son, son-in-law, and top campaign advisor had been caught red-handed (pun intended) trying to collude with Russian government agents to gain a material advantage in a U.S. election; if your family and campaign leaders had deliberately hidden this information for months, all the while pooh-poohing public accusations that your campaign was colluding with the Russian government; and if that government your son et al had attempted to collude with was headed by a former KGB agent, a strong-arm quasi-President-for-life of a communist dictatorship-cum-thugocracy, from a country whose intelligence apparatus has been scheming to undermine your nation’s political foundations for generations, then you would respond to the accusations of wrongdoing like this:

“That’s politics!” I love that exclamation point. Yes, Donald, most politicians might well have gone. That was the whole appeal of “drain the swamp,” wasn’t it? Yes, it was. Unfortunately, millions of the weak-minded mistook you for a swamp-drainer, rather than the ultimate swamp-dweller that some of us recognized you to be. And their nation, the world, and the future of the human race are paying the price for their stupidity. 

Oh well, that’s progress!

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