Making Monumentally Historic History, and Other Historic Observations

News headlines inform me today that Joe Biden is making history with his historic cabinet appointments. For one thing, he is historically recycling crotchety progressive establishmentarians from the Obama years at historic rates. Furthermore, he has appointed Democratic history’s biggest liar this side of Hillary Clinton, namely John Kerry, as some sort of historic ambassador to Greta Thunberg. In addition, there are at least a couple of black, or rather “Black,” people appointed to some positions, which is inherently historic because it proves that Biden is committed to ensuring that America, which used to dream of being “color blind,” will instead remain history’s most blatantly color-obsessed, color-biased, and color-coded nation, just as the country’s historic first Black president and his historically Black first lady demanded.

Meanwhile, on the historic Black people front, I also just read a headline — I generally read no further than headlines in the media, for the simple reason that the headline always delivers the real message that said media intends its sheep to imbibe, the rest being a mere excuse for the various propagandistic headlines — that Colin Kaepernick, an entertainer who pretended to be a political thinker, and in so doing turned himself into a professional hot potato, is on Twitter, where the whiners gather, simpering about how he has now suffered through “1,363 days of being denied employment.” 

I suppose his huge endorsement contracts do not count for him as “employment.” Not to mention that I am sure if he really wanted employment, there are burger joints and bars all over America that would be happy to hire him at minimum wage — if Kaepernick’s friends in the historic American communist front (Democratic Party) were not so eager to shut down the world’s service industries over the Pandemic that Ate a Planet, thus disintegrating all job openings in the fields for which Kaepernick is qualified.

And on the very same day — God, what a day for historic progressive agitprop! — I see that an NFL game featured the Earth’s, and possibly even the universe’s, historic first all-black (I mean “Black”) National Football League officiating crew. That is monumental news because it is apparently still very important for progressives to convince themselves that Blacks can do low-skilled jobs like officiating a football game all by themselves, without any white people among them to guide them through the trickier parts of the job, such as when to blow a whistle and how to use your foot to mark the spot where someone fell down in front of you.

For the rest of us who, unlike progressives, never thought such a thing still required proof, the event merely seems like a pathetic political publicity stunt, and we wonder how the members of this historic Black officiating crew could put themselves through such condescending claptrap without shame, and imagine how we ourselves, were we asked to participate in such a plantation photo-op for the corporate owners, would make our thoughts known in short order, probably in language unfit for modest ears. I guess that’s why the rest of us do not qualify as progressives; we lack the proper sensitivity to historic propaganda.

Meanwhile, I see that Dr. Anthony Fauci — who now gets to recommend tyranny, based on absolutely wild predictions, and actually have his nonsense received with enthusiasm by politicians eager for every bit of expert alarmism they can get their historic hands on — is out on the big stage predicting historic, or rather “stunning,” numbers of deaths. Well, Fauci has been wrong or self-contradictory on everything he has said so far this year, so I suppose we should all prepare to be stunned. Historically stunned, I am sure.

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