Things That Cannot End Soon Enough

It is possible that Donald Trump will lose the presidency on November 3rd — praise be to God. It is equally possible that Joe Biden will win the presidency that day — blame be to man.

If your goal during a virus pandemic is to prevent anyone from getting the virus, you have already failed by default. If your goal is to slow and therefore prolong the spread of the virus on a mass scale, you will only prolong and deepen its worst effects on a mass scale. If, however, your goal is to weather the storm with as little disruption of society as possible, you will succeed in the only way that is sensible in the short term, for you have chosen to brace yourself for the will of Nature with courage, rather than to harbor cowardly delusions of hiding from Her or (even more ridiculous) defeating her.

Mike Lee, apparently still imagining he could pull off the upset of the year and supplant Ted Cruz as Constitutional Conservative Sellout of the Century, is now out on the campaign trail comparing Donald Trump to a revered historical leader of Lee’s own Mormon faith. 

Lee, a Utah Republican, who made the comparison at a Trump rally on Wednesday in Phoenix, encouraged his “Mormon friends” to “think of [Trump] as Captain Moroni” because “he seeks not power, but to pull it down. He seeks not the praise of the world or the ‘fake news,’ but he seeks the well-being and the peace of the American people.”

Donald Trump “seeks not power”? Donald Trump “seeks not the praise of the world”? Donald Trump “seeks the well-being and the peace of the American people”? 

Good God, I started writing this comment with a sarcastic remark suggesting that Lee was dreaming if he thought he could ever surpass the abject bootlicking self-humiliation of the sniveling toady that calls itself Senator Cruz; but now, reading his religious analogy again, I think I have to concede that Lee might really have what it takes to pull off this upset.

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