The Inclusiveness Express Hits Another Pothole

North American Muslims, by a large majority, strongly oppose the use of public schools to promote the sexual deviancy normalization agenda of the radical left. Do they take this position because: (a) they have been tricked by the anti-democratic American extreme right wing, as Justin Trudeau has alleged, in a brilliant example of classic Trudeauesque snobbish condescension; (b) they are too ignorant to understand that the protection of their religious liberty comes on the condition of a quid pro quo which requires that they sacrifice all the actual beliefs of their religion, along with the independence of their minds, as the price of such “protection,” essentially the same deal offered over the decades to American blacks, American Asians, American Hispanics, and so on; or (c) they actually just believe, in accordance with the moral tenets of their faith (which, in this case, aligns perfectly with the moral tenets of almost every faith in the world, today or ever) that the so-called “LGBTQ+” agenda being promoted in American and Canadian public schools will be fundamentally damaging to children’s souls, and subversive of a social fabric that these people believe must be woven with theistic threads?

I vote for (c), and would like to add, as is my wont, that if those Muslim parents are as concerned about the moral protection of their children’s minds as they claim to be, they ought to be willing to take their children out of the public schools, regardless of the cost, if they cannot succeed in persuading the adminstrators of those schools to relent on this most serious and deliberate challenge to the basic premises of parental authority. (And they will not succeed, of course.)

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