The Black Face of White Supremacy

I just read a headline from the LA Times declaring gleefully that — according to someone called Erika Smith — California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder is “the black face of white supremacy.”

Because nothing says journalistic integrity like accusing a well-known, highly educated black man of being a front man for the Ku Klux Klan. 

Because nothing fights systemic racism more effectively than systematically denying a legitimate plurality of political opinion to the members of minority races.

Because nothing shows a willingness to engage in an honest discussion of ideas like publicly accusing a black opponent of secretly wanting to lynch and enslave black people.

Because nothing demonstrates the progressive mind better than a condescending dismissal of every non-progressive position as racist, and therefore of every non-white defender of such non-progressive positions as a dupe or pawn of whites.

Or perhaps because in the late modern world, there is no more aggressively white hegemony than progressivism; no more overtly white ideology than neo-Marxism; no moral, educational, or economic view more fundamentally and inseparably rooted in “white culture,” “white nations,” and “white history” than progressive neo-Marxism.

That might explain why Erika Smith begins her LA Times column with this sentence: “Larry Elder smiled the smug smile of a Black conservative who could very well be liberal California’s next governor.”

How, exactly, does Erika Smith identify a smile as “smug”? Very simply: A smug smile is the smile of a black man who dares not to believe what Erika Smith believes. Now someone remind me, again, who was supposed to be the “black face” of a white political movement here.

How dare Larry Elder, scoffs Erika Smith with a smug sneer, act as if he, a black man, has any right to be a conservative governor of “liberal California”?

It is progressivism itself — as long as we are judging everything in the progressive collectivist manner — that is white as snow. Progressivism’s black “leaders” have all been props and second-level spokesmen for the movement’s real leaders, strategists, and intellectuals, who are and always have been a bunch of whites (almost all male) of European heritage.

So maybe that’s why Larry Elder, a black man, refuses to be sucked in by progressivism.

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