The Audacity of Dope, aka Trump vs. Trump

Boasting of his brilliant meeting with Vladimir Putin, whom he loves so much he can’t stand it, Donald J. Trump — entrepreneur, billionaire, dumbest man in any given room — blurted out a series of tweets, including this doozy:

As everyone with an IQ above seven pointed out, boasting of discussing cooperative efforts at cyber security with Putin is like boasting of discussing the best places to hide your jewels with a burglar.

Someone apparently having penetrated The Orange McConnell’s deep skull with this pertinent little problem, Trump has now redoubled his efforts to ring the big bell on the Stupid Meter by quickly clarifying his earlier tweet with this stunning new one:

Attempted paraphrase: “President Putin and I discussed working together to keep the internet safe for everyone! Of course, when I say that, I don’t mean we could actually work with Putin on such a thing, just that we discussed it. But that other thing we discussed — working together to bring stability to a country where our national goals are at cross-purposes — now that’s really happening.”

Okay, Trumpsters, go ahead — try to convince yourselves, since you must realize by now that you’re no longer working on the rest of us, that Donald Trump is not the most ridiculously incompetent man ever to be elected to anything, anywhere. Seriously, what the hell just happened to this planet?

Heaven help us.

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