Ten Possible Reasons Why Mitch McConnell Can’t Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Senate Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell


  1. He never wanted to.
  2. You don’t “repeal and replace” a massive and society-altering piece of legislation without even trying to make the case for doing so to the nation’s population, which McConnell has very deliberately never done.
  3. Mitch McConnell is a closet progressive, much more interested in cutting deals for himself and his establishment cronies than in advancing the cause of freedom to which he pays lip service during campaigns.
  4. Having officially made “crushing the Tea Party,” i.e., constitutional conservatives, his chief goal as Senate majority leader, he would have to oppose any sincere effort to undo the expanding web of government-controlled health care merely as a matter of spite, for no other reason than to stick it to conservatives, whom he knows hate his turtle guts (for good reason).
  5. The abuses of socialized medicine, to which his wilful failure is helping to condemn the American people for generations, will never apply to McConnell, a member of the Washington elite who is therefore exempt from all the rationing and death paneling that will ruin the lives of “ordinary Americans.”
  6. The U.S. Senate has largely been molded by McConnell and his cronies and immediate predecessors — all of them lovers of big government, and addicts of the career enhancement opportunities afforded by raiding the public trough for their respective states before election years.
  7. “Repeal and Replace” was, from the outset, a McConnell/Boehner (and later Trump) euphemism for “We’ll pretend to repeal Obamacare to appease the grassroots rubes, but really we just want to rename it and maybe throw in a few goodies for our big insurance company cronies.”
  8. People with effective lifetime, high-level government positions feel entitled to their power, and therefore feel a vested interest in increasing, rather than decreasing, the realms of influence over which their power may be exerted — and nothing expands government power and revenue-generation like single-payer healthcare. 
  9. Mitch McConnell hates the United States of America as founded, and would sell the whole country down the river in a New York minute to preserve and enhance his life of personal ease and power.
  10. All of the above.

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