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Two Reflections: Art, Abnormality

The purpose of art is to reveal truth. Not facts, not slogans, not trendy attitudes, and certainly not the ephemeral feelings or passions of the artist himself. Truth, meaning something unchanging and essential to a proper understanding of some element of reality, whether regarding human nature, the structures of civil order, or the ordering principles of the cosmos. Anything, therefore, which purports to...

The Internet and The Beautiful

The internet is a most appropriate, we might almost say idealized, manifestation of late modernity. For, in a perfect crystallization of the age, it democratizes expression, relativizes relevance, and exponentially expands the sense of exposure within the human world, both one’s own exposure to that world and its ubiquitous exposure to oneself. Since, furthermore, the human world is comprised of far more ugliness...

Reflections on Maturity

The goal of life, as humans must live it, is not to get what you want so much as to find out what you want. Human life is essentially a search, not an awards ceremony.

Cuteness vs. Beauty.– Here in brave new world, mankind has systematically and insidiously substituted trivial and infantile playthings for all those notions that were once definitive of human aspiration….