Random Thoughts on Upside Down Things

After a second mass shooting within a week, the propaganda servers inform me that, “Celebrities react to Boulder shooting, call for gun legislation.” And this is news because “celebrities” — professional fakers, pretenders, generally empty-headed people of little or no talent who (poorly) entertain others for a living because they never learned how to do anything adult or serious with their lives — have spent a lot of time thinking fruitfully about political philosophy, the proper role and limits of government, natural rights theory, the meaning of private property, and the concepts of self-defense and individual responsibility.

Not to worry, Americans. The Republican counter-propagandists will be sure to trot out all those super-effective charts showing that some gun crimes are actually prevented by good citizens with guns, and that there was a mass shooting last year in Upper Scandolia, which banned private gun ownership twenty years ago, so you can’t say that it only happens in America, don’t you know!

The Democratic Party is on a mission to implement the entire Cloward-Piven plan for overturning American society in favor of socialist authoritarian “democracy” within Biden’s first six months in office. They are overwhelming the economy forever with more spending on an imaginary recovery than the U.S. laid out on World Wars I and II combined. They are using this “crisis” to tie their imaginary recovery to massive government cronyism in support of green energy business ventures, minority voter buy-offs, and the general solidifying of the optics and sentiments of mass dependence on government as chief employer and provider for all mankind. Remember when people used to predict such things, and level-headed “conservative pundits” like George Will told them they were lunatics for harboring such outrageous hypotheses? After all, Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a Democrat, and he would never think of such a thing. Of course, the same old doofus who used to carry that water for the establishment also insists, even to this day, that Mitch McConnell is a brilliant mastermind conservative strategist who absolutely hates Donald Trump. When the dust clears on this ridiculous moment of American history, will George Will and his ilk turn out to have ever been right about anything?

Trump’s leading legal voice during his fraudulent, treasonous, ego-saving, cash-sucking, insurrection-inciting “Stop the Steal” hokum — the crackpot lawyer lady who, along with Rudy the senile old shyster, led the charge against the Dominion company that provided voting machines to some states — is now trying to have Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against her dismissed on the grounds that…get ready for it…when she was making those accusations about the company’s vote-switching crimes, no reasonable person could possibly have believed she meant it as a serious statement of fact! In other words, her defense against the charge that she materially damaged that company and endangered the lives of its employees is that she was just talking rot, and everyone knew that at the time. 

Unfortunately, everyone did not know that at the time, and about fifty million nominally sane (i.e., still allowed to vote) morons still believe that rot to this day — because their god, Donald J. Trump, told them it was true, over and over and over. 

But it wasn’t true. It was never true. There was never one shred of evidence for it. It was a bald-faced lie by people who are willing to say absolutely anything to further their careers and make a lot of money — led by the biggest and most successful self-serving liar in American history, Donald J. Trump.

Those fifty million people are lost, and they have thrown whatever was left of their country down the memory hole in the name of the most transparent lies on Earth. And yet to this day the idiots are still thinking Trump is the man who could, should, and will somehow overturn everything that is happening today at the hands of the Democrats, and that he was chosen for this mission. No, dummies, Trump is the reason for everything that is happening today. He was a useful match the establishment employed to burn down your country forever. And you were the fuel they wanted to burn. You got burned right good, and you did not give a damn how many millions of your fellow citizens you took down with you. 

Get used to it. You still have a lot more burning to do, I suspect.

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