Peace In Our Time: North Korea Edition

Here’s a new headline from the Washington Post: “North Korea working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program, U.S. officials say.”

Can you believe it? Frankly, I can’t. I mean, Super-Genius promised Americans that the North Korean threat was over, and that they could sleep well, secure in the knowledge that Kim Jong-un was a great guy after all. 

But seriously, the really sad thing is the millions of cultists — including dozens of well-known political writers and website publishers — who actually believed this reality TV event, the “Singapore Summit,” had ended the North Korea problem forever, citing absolutely no evidence other than that Donald the Wonder Idiot told them so. 

Haven’t they noticed that he’s told them a whole lot of things? (Don’t bother answering — no, I know they haven’t noticed, and they never will.)

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