Notes from Underground

Just the other day, in the context of discussing the wave of monument destruction currently devouring the American heritage, I parenthetically asked whether, now that even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, not to mention such lesser lights as Teddy Roosevelt, are being officially banned from the public square, or the public school, as inappropriate viewing, it can be long before Mount Rushmore gets the ultimate progressive facelift. Today, I see that this very issue is now being debated for real, and South Dakota’s Republican governor is setting herself up (probably legitimately) as the only thing standing between four larger-than-life presidents and the dustbin of history.

To cut to one of the many chases involved in the current American political scene: All partisan rhetoric aside, what kind of person would deface public representations of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? What kind of person would argue that Jefferson and Washington are, essentially and irredeemably, symbols of evil and historical injustice? What kind of person would advocate erasing those two men from the American scene, or replacing their traditional depictions with footnotes explaining them away as part of a shameful past?

The answer, the only possible answer, the answer everyone knows who is not simply lying to himself: a communist totalitarian who wishes to replace the United States of America that those two men have always represented — a limited republic of self-governing individuals — with a Marxist collectivist slave state. I, for one, am done with mincing words, a process I have never been much good at anyway. Political words in an age of regression should never be minced. On the contrary, they should be left oversized, crunchy, and a little hard to swallow. Only the hardy should be able to get them down without choking.

In any case, it will not be long, I suspect, before all honest words are banned from public discussion outright (the ones that have not already been banned, of course), so why waste this precious window of opportunity for speaking the truth?

On a fun note, if very black humor is your thing, I end by noting how often these days the world’s government experts and their corresponding media propagandists eschew the language of mortality rates and all the “death-on-contact” fear tactics with regard to the coronavirus outbreak, in favor of merely talking about the “soaring” number of cases. (I have been saying since the first week of this global pseudo-crisis that the perspective of time will eventually reveal that the real rate of infection was much greater than the early propagandists, pushing for mortality-rate-based fear, considered politically convenient.) This is consistent with the growing pandemic of “news” articles in which medical experts and public health officials express concern, and attempt to promote a general sense of foreboding, about the “alarming” number of asymptomatic cases of this illness they are finding. As though it were somehow bad news that so relatively few people who get this virus are harmed by it. As though we ought to be disturbed that most of the infected — a far greater percentage than the earlier fear tactic numbers were conveniently presupposing — never suffer so much as a mild cough from this disease that America’s Medical Schoolmarm, Dr. Fauci, insists is his “worst nightmare.” 

Really? I, for one, can think of at least one nightmare worse than Fauci’s, namely the political nightmare that bureaucratic experts like Anthony Fauci are being exploited to create. 

From The Hill:

Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the virus surprised him with “how rapidly it just took over the planet.”

“This took about a month to go around the world,” Fauci said. “When is it going to end? We’re still at the beginning of it.”

Read those quoted sentences again, replacing Fauci’s “nightmare” with the one I am thinking of, and you could not have a truer synopsis of the current global situation.

It is indeed remarkable how rapidly “it” just took over the planet. When is it going to end? We are surely still at the beginning of it.

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