This Is What They Do (Part One)

Over the past week, there have been a few interesting developments in the People’s Republic of America.

California has begun the process of renaming public schools named after Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, arguably the two most revered and celebrated founding fathers, because it has been determined, upon reassessment, that the author of the Declaration of Independence and the man who led the War of Independence and then became the first president are divisive figures who symbolize slavery and lynching. In other words, it has been decided that America itself, as previously understood, is essentially systemic racism and injustice at its very roots.

Columbus, Ohio has removed the City Hall statue of Christopher Columbus himself, deeming him an icon of white privilege and therefore offensive to modern sensitivities. As a friend of mine asks, reasonably, can a name change for the city itself — and therefore, by extension, for every city named after a famous “white” statesman or explorer — be far behind?

New York’s American Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with Mayor Bill de Blasio, has announced that it is tearing down a statue of Theodore Roosevelt, due to its imagery being uncomfortably suggestive of “colonialism and racism.” (Mount Rushmore, anyone?)

It is happening in America today, exactly as it always does during communist takeovers anywhere. And yes, we are talking about communism; to mince words at this stage, in the name of not wanting to overstate things, would indicate a willful blindness of, shall we say, “monumental” proportions. Today’s neo-Marxist “revolutionaries,” totalitarian in their sensibilities, their demands, and their infantilism, tend to prefer other names for their movement — partly to obscure their humiliating deference to past failure — but it is at its core the same old communist takeover mantra, with “Black Lives Matter” and “social justice” as thinly updated propaganda masks for “property is theft” and “to each according to his need.” 

This current wave of overt violence against all American institutions, traditions, symbols, and erstwhile aspirations, will likely be tempered at some point — when the point has been made. The prairie fire will reduce itself to a lingering smell of charred land and occasional minor flashpoints, perhaps. A sense of superficial normalcy will return. But it will be normalcy defined at several removes from what normal looked like before America entered the lockdown phase that set the stage for this final overthrow. (Thank you, Dr. Fauci. Is there a bureaucratic minion whose name will survive in greater infamy than that of Anthony Fauci, whose self-righteous paternalism and snobbish stupidity, his sheer and self-evident wrongness, helped to lay the groundwork for the “social unrest” currently bursting out of its stay-at-home order, as slavish weaklings try to salvage some semblance of their former pride by lashing out, from within the protective safety of the stage-managed crowd, at everything they have been taught — by the government — to identify with “the system”?)

Getting used to this “new normal” — that overused banality suddenly come to life —  will mean, for Americans, getting used to living in a nation in which the American founding is presumed to be fundamentally shameful, not by radical academics, but by ordinary people one meets every day. For Americans, as for the whole world, it will mean accepting that there are expressions and manners of thinking, commonplace yesterday, that will invite nasty looks and rejection from polite society tomorrow — and that daring to notice that sudden change, let alone to object to it, will be to invite public shunning, condemnation, and even criminalization.

For the coming return to normalcy will not indicate a dissipation or rejection of the takeover, but rather its success. Normalcy is the goal — with normal redefined according to the newest vanguard of progressive right-thinking. 

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