Not Exactly Nostradamus, But…

Barely one day ago, I noted the impossible position the millions of Trump cultists and apologists are about to find themselves in, as the U.S. Supreme Court laughs at his Texas bootlickers’ groundless and frivolous “lawsuit” aimed at summarily overriding states’ rights and declaring Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 presidential election, against all available evidence to the contrary. As I noted yesterday, the best defense anyone can make of Trump’s historically destructive presidency is “But Gorsuch,” i.e., “Look at the way he has transformed the Supreme Court!” And that defense, as I said, was going to blow up in the Trumpsters’ faces as their idol would inevitably lambaste the court for (equally inevitably) fulfilling its constitutional duty by telling Trump’s thuggish friends to go to hell.

I know this does not exactly make me Nostradamus, but as CNN reports, the justices have indeed done their duty, and Trump has quickly responded with his predictable class and dignity: 

“The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!”

No wisdom, no courage, Clarence Thomas. No wisdom, no courage, Samuel Alito. No wisdom, no courage, Trump’s three big accomplishments — But Gorsuch, But Kavanaugh, But Barrett.

Now, if you were shown a lineup of the five justices just mentioned, plus Donald Trump, and asked to pick the one person in that lineup who most embodied the epithet, “No Wisdom, No Courage!” which of the six would you choose?

Think carefully now, dear madam or sir. For your answer to the above question will determine, perhaps for all time, whether you still have an ounce of rationality, sobriety, and (small-r) republicanism left in you, or whether, conversely, you have lost your individual soul completely to the “charms” of two-bit reality TV demagoguery and infantile tribalism.

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