New Year’s Resolutions

Try not to hate humans en masse, no matter how infuriatingly inhuman and inhumane they collectively become.

Remind myself every day that a population raised from earliest childhood to belittle itself and aggrandize the state can hardly be expected to view itself and the world any differently than in accordance with its lifelong training.

Consider humanity, for at least ten minutes a day, as the species that can produce Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Mozart, as a balm against the reality of what today’s devolved version of the species is capable of producing.

Reject the impulse to abandon modern man and retreat to a cave, by keeping firmly in mind the small handful of lonely souls I have found who still, somehow, against all odds, feel the urge to grasp at something higher, and as such may be more desperately in need of a friend or guide to help them realize that hope, while resisting the call to nihilism, than any lonely souls have ever been in all of history. 

Continue to work on losing as many readers as possible in 2021. As civilization collapses, and men become ever more entrenched in their comforting falsehoods, there is no surer way to repel them than by holding fast to one’s search for truth, however uncomfortable and isolating that search might become. I would prefer to be the only person left looking at reality with honest eyes than to trap myself amid the cheering or chanting of the deluded crowd. Having lived in both worlds, I can say without hesitation that I would rather challenge ten honest souls with hard thoughts and harder climbs than appease ten thousand slaves in search of happy pills or the palliative effect of joining shouts of irrational tribal anger.

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