Making Amends

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, from the U.S. state of Little Somalia (the former People’s Republic of Minnesota), has officially apologized to American Jewish groups for her many statements which might have given the (correct) impression that she harbors anti-Jewish paranoia and blames Israel for every world problem and essentially wants all Jews removed from politics and decent society.

Always nice to see peace and goodwill triumph in the end.

The Democratic Party will have to right the ship after this anti-Semitism debacle. Apparently no one sent Representative Omar the memo explaining that Democrats avoid charges of hatred against this or that religion — and therefore avoid upsetting the powerful pro-Democrat Jewish lobby — by officially hating all religions. When I say officially, I mean to remind the reader that the Dems voted to excise the word “God” from their party platform back in 2012. (Of course, this excision was of “God,” i.e., a white European deity. Allah is another story. Not to mention the various feminist or Native American spirits.)

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