January 6th Commission: The Publicity Stunt to Fit the Crime

Disclaimer: I have not watched — nor will I ever in my life watch — one minute of the Marxist Tribunal Hour that the U.S. Congress has dubbed the “January 6th Commission.” I have only seen mainstream media headlines and still photographs accompanying same. This assiduously disengaged perspective, I believe, puts me in the ideal position to judge the whole affair from, shall we say, the god’s eye view. For as Aristotle says in delimiting the object of the divine mind’s thought, “surely there are some things that it is better not to think than to think.”

I have seen images of Capitol police officers crying at the hearing. Why are they crying, nearly seven months after the riot? Are they sissies? Are they unnerved by the cameras and attention? Or are they feeling compromised or guilt-ridden by what they are being compelled to say?

I just read a headline informing me that the Tribunal’s — oops, I mean commission’s — attention has turned to “the racism of the rioters.” Does any sane human really believe the riot of January 6th was motivated by racism? Since I, like many others, have dealt with plenty from this angry mob myself over the past several years, I can tell you exactly what the rioters were motivated by, without a moment’s hesitation: love for Donald Trump and unbridled hatred of absolutely everyone — including even the man who did as much as any other human to give some semblance of credibility to Trump’s presidency, Mike Pence — who would stand between their savior and his divinely decreed second term as president.

No one was rioting because of “racist” concerns. And if the commission is trying to make something of the mere allegation that there were “racists” among the rioters (though their attitudes about race as such were of no consequence to their actions), then I might point out there are communists at every single session of the United States Congress, and their communism does directly affect their actions, but no one sees fit to form any commissions to look into that. And yet which is worse, in ultimate effect — a few bigoted private citizens shouting nasty words during a heated moment, or dozens (to be conservative) of Marxist subversives sitting in the federal legislature?

I might also add that the effort to implicitly smear everyone in attendance at the January 6th protest as a rioter, not to mention a racist, bespeaks the heights of dishonesty. For what it is worth, I am aware of only one personal acquaintance — a friend, actually — who attended the protest. This person is probably the least riotous, and certainly the least racist, human you could hope to find. So the committee members and their media lackeys ought to stick their “racist rioters” smear where the sun don’t shine. They won’t, but they ought to.

Another headline informs me that, “January 6 police testify that riot was a terrorist attack.” And how would the police arrive at that purely theoretical, conceptual conclusion? More importantly, why would they arrive at it? Of course, this lends more quasi-credence to the idea that “right-wing terrorism” is a great and growing threat, which is intended as the ideological justification for more totalitarian controls and widespread reeducation to align all Americans with “proper” attitudes.

I am sick of Trump fans (not to mention Trump himself) making excuses for the rioters, trying to blame Antifa agitators (who may indeed have been there) for “instigating” the violence — as though the Trump supporters who joined in had no free will or moral judgment — or trying to belittle the actions of the violent minority as “no big deal.” It was an attack on the United States Congress, involving the violation of offices and private property, the chanting of dire threats upon the life of the sitting vice president, physical harm and threatening behavior towards police officers, and above all an attempt to disrupt and corrupt an ongoing constitutional process related to the transfer of power, on the basis of little but the wild declarations and unsupported accusations of their vainglorious, embarrassed, paper tiger god and his “allies” in the largely anonymous world of social media crackpotism. These cultists, along with the fellow-travelers who artificially enlarge their numbers and thereby besmirch their own political hopes, have added unimaginable grist for the mill of the socialist takeover of America that we are now witnessing. Trumpism is not the answer to this; Trumpism set the stage for this.

I am likewise sick of Democrats and other Marxists trying to manipulate the story of a small group’s dangerous and illegal behavior to create the rationalization for an ever-expanding police state apparatus designed to prejudge everyone as a “hate criminal” worthy of surveillance, social exclusion, and disarming, on the basis of mere party affiliation or opposition to Marxist policy initiatives.

The Trumpsters and the Marxists are two sides of a coin, in a sense. Not a coin at all, actually, but merely a slug that no properly calibrated coin-operated machine would accept. It would be great if America and the world could wake up tomorrow and discover that this has all been a horrible dream. Alas, I suspect this really is the America that the twenty or thirty remaining freedom-loving Americans, along with their rare friends around the world, are trapped with, nightmarish though this reality may be.

And so we are back where I will henceforth inevitably end up after all my brief forays into the current scene: Urging a turn away from the fantasy of magical political solutions, which all lead to corruption, and toward the reality of private spiritual elevation, which just might, in the long run, prove the ultimate redemption of all this immediate nothingness.

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