Independence vs. Cynicism

Expecting good from someone is the fastest way to be disappointed — and also the best way to discover a good person. Many people will let us down, to be sure. A rare few will not. You will never find the few unless you are brave enough to face and withstand the many. 

Not expecting good from anyone is the easiest way to avoid disappointment — and also the best way to become bitter and cynical about life. Expecting nothing from anyone, the so-called realist’s approach, is merely a case of frightened self-protectiveness — hiding under the bed — masquerading as strength.

Relying on someone is the easiest way to make your life insecure and to become disillusioned — and also the best way to find the support you need to become stronger and more independent. Human development, seen from the widest angle, is nothing but the gradual revelation of an independent individual. It is entirely possible that this process of growth will never be complete — but it is absolutely certain that it can never begin, let alone progress, without a few well-placed and well-timed souls to act as your solid platforms and steady handholds as you climb.

Not relying on anyone is the best way to avoid getting hurt — and also the surest way to miss the entrance to a pathway you needed to find; perhaps, in some cases, the only path open to you.

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