Inconvenient Truths About America’s Decline

Mitt Romney probably killed whatever was left of his political career with his vote and speech supporting the removal of Donald Trump — and yet he chose to make this his final (and perhaps defining) significant act as a politician.

Fact: America would be better off without any more Romney-style progressive establishmentarians in the halls of government.

Also fact: America might still be a free and moral republic today, rather than a progressive-immoralist-populist-demagogue quagmire, if there were even five men left in Washington with half the character and dignity Romney displayed in his decision and its explanatory speech.

Here, by way of contrast, is the “official” social media response to Trump’s acquittal by Senator Mike Lee, Romney’s fellow Republican, Utahan, and Mormon religious man:

Fact: If a majority of the Republican Party, elected and unelected, viewed the role of the federal government and its proper constitutional limits the way Mike Lee does, America would still be a free republic today.

Also fact: As long as men with the intellectual merit of Mike Lee continue to display the sellable integrity, petty careerism, and fear of standing alone that Mike Lee displayed this past week, all hopes that America might reverse the oozing sludge of the progressive-immoralist-populist-demagogue state that is devouring her soul are lost. 


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