Icons, Left and (Alt-)Right

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. This is very important, because they recently made a movie about her, and by watching it you can realize how cute she used to be, back when she was a British actress as well as a world historical “feminist icon.” 

Feminist icon: a symbolic representation of Marxism, in female form.

I hope Ginsburg’s death was as painless as possible, and that in her final days she experienced some revelations about human life and its ultimate meaning, as well as some moments of deep self-knowledge — as I would wish for anyone.

In general, however, I wish the modern world had a lot fewer icons. A world full of icons bespeaks an age oversaturated with symbols of greatness, which in turn indicates a race that has lost any serious standard of greatness.

Donald Trump is publicly angry because his FBI director — as usual, he attacks his own underlings when they do not kiss his ring loudly enough — spoke of Russia as a serious threat to U.S. domestic politics, rather than emphasizing China. China is indeed a great threat. But Trump’s expression of frustration at anyone in his administration singling out Russia as a problem has become such a predictable pattern that one has to be willfully blind to continue this charade. Trump is relying on his cult’s endless capacity for the suspension of disbelief to conceal in plain sight his obvious Russian sycophancy. He is effectively a Russian operative, a Putin asset we might say, and he has been so since 2015.

I am tired almost beyond my capacity to restrain myself at every person who continues to mock this idea as “Democrat lies based on a phony dossier.” No; it is Trump’s own lies, and their utter consistency of purpose and effect, that are at issue. He is a Putin asset, period. As to whether he knows he is a Putin asset, that is neither here nor there, since I sincerely doubt that Trump knows anything.

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