High Tech Life

Arrive faster, and fatter.

Work longer to pay for the luxury of getting to work more efficiently.

Race unaffected past a year’s worth of interesting potential observations each day.

Do a hundred transient and inconsequential things in the time it would have taken you to do just one meaningful thing in the old days.

Accomplish thousands of tasks without having to go through the effort of learning how to do any of them.

Stay connected — never feel alone again for the rest of your life!

Have all the information in the universe at your fingertips, without developing any internal filters or standards for assessing or prioritizing any of it — which in practice means allowing it to be filtered, assessed, and prioritized for you by anonymous others, or rather by their algorithms.

Get there without wasting time deciding why you need to be there.

Live in an omnipresent and ever-evaporating Now, just like you did as a toddler.

Disappear into the infinite, without the inconvenience of having to learn how to leave yourself behind.

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