Hey, wha’ happened to America?

When future Earthlings open the time capsule on this age, they will quickly realize they are examining the skeleton of a civilization that was in suicidal decline. But of all the absurdly self-destructive findings those prospective archaeologists have in store for them, surely none could be as incomprehensible as the discovery that the man seen in this documentary footage from 2003 would eventually become president of the United States and nominal leader of the so-called free world.  

“Wha’ happened?” indeed.

Actor Fred Willard died this weekend, at age 86. The main difference between Willard in the above clip and the current world leader his Mighty Wind talent manager most resembles, is that Willard was acting. Oh, and then there is also the fact that Willard was never personally responsible for destroying the last remnants of a former free republic.

“Aren’t we exploiting lies and media-induced mass hysteria to establish tyrannical precedents this year that will never be undone?”

“That’s right!”

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