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The Myths of Mental Illness: A Thomas Szasz Appreciation, Part Two

The fantasy that someday everything we now call “mind” or “soul” will be explained by physical causation is the crux of the modern scientific materialist dream, and means nothing less, in theory and in practice, than the literal annihilation of the human race as a species of living beings who experience and think.

Guns and the Mental Illness Slippery Slope

Once again, we are seeing the danger of Americans having placed the power of the presidency in the hands of a man without any guiding moral or political philosophy beyond “What will make them love me?” According to Right Scoop, Trump is apparently now open to banning the sale of firearms to people with a “mental illness.” Mental illness is a category that,...

IQ and the Social Sciences

One of the great modern diseases is our obsession with quantifying the intrinsically unquantifiable. The successes of the modern natural sciences have fostered an unjustified faith (and faith is the right word, since this belief is pure dogma) that a superficial approximation of scientific method may be applied to human life itself — to morality, society, education — with similarly salutary results. The...