The Testament of Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci, America’s Comforting Grandfather of Doom, says, “We need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter, because it’s not going to be easy.” 

“Hunker down” is a polite way of saying “Ruin what’s left of grandma’s life with forced isolation, provoke thousands of suicides among the lonely and desperate, destroy the life savings and career aspirations of tens of thousands of families, make Google and Amazon the two controlling behemoths of the entire worlds of education and commerce, respectively, and embed norms and expectations of totalitarian micromanagement from an unlimited paternalist State that will never be rescinded short of a violent revolution or complete societal collapse, whichever comes first.

“It’s not going to be easy” is a fearmongering euphemism for “We need stricter and more universal laws, and more coercive and morally demeaning enforcement of those laws.”

“Get through this fall and winter” is a propagandist’s Easter egg meaning “Perpetuate this national mass panic and legally-mandated cowardice through six more months of state-sponsored, media-created, spirit-crushing hyperbole that does not comport one iota with any citizen’s actual experience of this pandemic, somehow without any substantial number of those citizens ever removing their masks long enough to notice that the emperor has no clothes.”

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