Female Marxism: Goofball Edition

Orrin Hatch was getting on an elevator — which, in today’s Washington, is apparently the preferred ambush site for female Marxist assailants. So naturally he was assailed by “protesters” who “wished to speak with him” about Brett Kavanaugh.

Here is a video of the ensuing “discussion”:

Unfortunately, the Benny Johnson who posted this video misrepresented the exchange in his accompanying transcription.

If you listen carefully, what Hatch actually says is, “When you grow up I’ll be glad to talk to you.”

What they answer is, “When we grow up? When we grow up? How dare you talk to women that way! How dare you talk to women that way!” (Repeat ad nauseam.)

I think the assailants missed Hatch’s point, which was that he would talk to women, but that these screaming ignoramuses were not women.

I can understand an 84-year-old man not recognizing these squealing objects as women. When he was young, most of the people he would have identified as women would never have behaved this way. When he was young, in other words, “woman” was more than merely a term of biological identification, or “gender identity”; it named one of the two basic variants of adult human life.

Those days are gone. Any banshee old enough to have breasts can now self-identify as a “woman,” and we all have to accept this as valid without qualification — history, psychology, and moral development be damned.


My lovely wife (woman, not banshee) has watched the above video and swears that amid the cacophonous braying of asses she heard one of the assailants shout “F-ing old piece of s—!” at Hatch as he got on the elevator. Upon careful review, I heard it too, at about 0:22.

Keeping it classy, ladies!

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