A Note on “The #MeToo Movement”

Ben Sasse has adopted the politically correct — which, from an alleged conservative, means weak-kneed and lily-livered — position that “MeToo,” the recent female Marxist crusade to exploit some real cases of sexual abuse (mostly in leftist milieus such as Hollywood) as an opportunity to go in for the kill on progressivism’s anti-masculinity, anti-differentiation-of-the-sexes agenda, is a “very important movement.”

That is to say, he has accepted the absurd premise that this “movement” is essentially about exposing and convicting real sexual criminals, rather than about criminalizing manhood as such, condemning the “systemic rape culture” that is “capitalist” society, and stabbing traditional femininity to death with a dagger inscribed with the motto, “Modesty is oppression! Male initiative is rape!”

To defend the so-called MeToo movement on the grounds that it has helped to root out a few Harvey Weinstein types is analogous to praising a mass murderer on the grounds that two of his victims were wife-beaters and therefore had it coming.

Marxism is Marxism, Dr. Sasse. Wake up. Oh, I know that’s a lot to ask, after you’ve spent so many years doing what one has to do — especially to one’s own common sense and self-respect — to climb to the heights of both the academic and political worlds. Webs are sleepy places.

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