The Infinite Universe

I suspect that the universe extends as far as the range of our vision — and I mean exactly that far. For I believe there is no universe, in any of the senses that we use that term, without perception. The universe — extension and time — is in part a product of the activity of enmattered souls, which is to say limited souls, perspectival souls, potential souls.

The danger — and more than just a danger in my view — is that as we increasingly and eagerly race to expand the breadth of our perception, we are simultaneously reducing, or at least effectively obscuring, the depth of our intellect. The unlimited expansion of time and space drains the immaterial and eternal sources of that expansion, as it were, and hence will eventually bring us to a universe stretched to near-infinity, but also, for that reason, almost infinitely shallow — a puddle with an endless horizon, so to speak. Unlimited matter devoid of form, of idea

And then what? And then, “The spirit of God moved on the face of the waters,” perhaps?

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