Fake News: Election Virus, Non Sequitur Alarmism, Killing the Elderly

I have seen various mainstream news reports predicting that the 2020 U.S. election could have the highest number of voters in American history, with one story speculating that as many as 150 million votes might be cast, which would entail the highest rate of voter turnout among eligible voters since 1908, a whopping 65%. 

These predictions, of course, obviously indicate some sort of collective typographical or calculation error among the news media, since this year’s most important news story is being sustained entirely on the premise that the new coronavirus is so devastating in its effects on the United States population that, if the media’s virus reporting has been even half true, it is unlikely that 65% of eligible voters will even be alive on Election Day, let alone physically capable of visiting a polling station to fill out a ballot. Gosh, I hope someone has planned to have each polling station equipped with emergency beds and ventilators for all the millions of COVID-19 near-dead who are apparently intending to cast a vote on Tuesday — unless, as I assume, the media has simply added one or two zeroes to its voter turnout predictions, whether due to honest miscalculation or to some kind of black-hearted sick joke during this Plague Year.

Meanwhile, back on the Pandemic That Ate a Planet front, I see that today’s top U.S. headline is the dire, catastrophic, stratospheric, very very bad news that total virus cases in America have topped 9 million! In fact, of course, that number presumably only accounts for positive tests, whereas it is almost certain that millions of additional cases have never been tested, and therefore remain unaccounted for, due to this devilish virus’s most disturbingly sinister characteristic, namely the fact that most of the people who contract it never get sick. There is of course nothing more terrifyingly dangerous — as I have learned these past few months from our great public protectors in the news media — than a virus that has little or no health effect on the vast majority of people who contract it.

Furthermore, I note that (as I predicted would turn out to be the case, back at the beginning of all this) the virus headlines and numbers being reported these days with the ominous tone of four-alarm panic, worldwide, are almost always related to the number of cases, i.e., the number of positive tests, rather than the number of fatalities. This is necessary, from the point of view of indefinitely sustaining mass hysteria over a health crisis that becomes ever-more self-evidently non-critical by the day, since it is of the nature of a virus outbreak that case numbers will always rise, such that, once you have inured the population to the idea that the virus is inherently cataclysmic, the mere mention of new cases (which you may be assured will occur) should be enough — or so one hopes — to keep the psychological alarm bells ringing forever. The rising numbers as such are effectively a non sequitur, but once one has trained the public well through eight solid months of propaganda, any number, if it is big enough, sounds horrifying simply due to its bigness.

One thing we have learned this year, though entirely without mainstream reporting of the fact, is that the progressive collective psychology of socialism and individual irresponsibility creates conditions for unnecessary and avoidable mass deaths. The vast majority of those dead from the coronavirus pandemic are the elderly, and an appalling percentage of those deaths, in turn, have occurred in various sorts of crowded seniors residences or nursing homes. During the outbreak of a new flu-like virus, for which no one has antibodies, a large building full of weak and unhealthy old people is like a forest dense with dry underbrush during a wildfire. 

A recent report from the Washington Post suggests (though of course only for the sake of raising the general panic, rather than addressing causes) that among 26 countries analyzed, the current proportion of nursing home deaths among total COVID-19 fatalities is a shameful forty-seven percent. In my home country of Communist Canada, which just happens to be one of the world’s earliest progenitors of the modern socialist concept of public nursing homes as palliative care facilities, the percentage of nursing home fatalities among all COVID deaths is (he typed with venomous disgust in his fingers) eighty percent. I hate my country. “Kind and compassionate” my expatriate ass.

The response to this year’s forest fire of seniors home deaths, typical of progressivism, is to cut old people in their final months of life off from the familiar and caring touch of their loved ones forever. The true answer to this sort of disaster, of course — too late for this year’s victims, but obviously advisable for the future — is to reduce the number of weak, elderly people being shipped off to nursing homes in their final years unnecessarily. Yes, this would entail considerable inconvenience and perhaps even some hardship on the part of the younger generation, who would be “forced” to take alternative steps to care for their own elders to the extent practically possible. And Lord knows our progressive brave new world dreads nothing more than inconvenience, while valuing nothing more than the emotional comfort of shirking personal responsibilities that might be slightly onerous without having to feel guilty about it.

Instead of highlighting this crisis, and proposing rational solutions for the future, the media and their government leash-holders are only too happy to exploit the out-of-control death rates at socialized “group homes” as fodder for alarmist headlines and universal totalitarian mandates on human behavior.

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