Dr. McConnell and Mr. Trump (Part II)

vietnamese-pot-bellied-pigSo here it is, folks. You knew it was coming. (If not, you probably would have stopped reading my writing and catalogued me among the establishment hack cuckservative beta males a long time ago.) The most obvious and implausible fraud in U.S. history has already begun to reap its full America-destroying harvest. The big rebel-outsider-burn-it-down-Make-America-Great-Again-groper-in-chief has now met with Al Gore to “discuss” climate change. Climate change. With Al Gore. Gore describes the meeting, which also involved Alternate First Lady Chelsea-Ivanka Trump, as a “lengthy and very productive session.”

Gee, what a shock! Couldn’t have seen this one coming at all! Wow, I wonder what it all means.

Okay, you and I both know what it means. It means the United States of America, the alleged greatest country on earth, the former shining city on a hill, has been rolled (in pig slop, as it happens) by the most glaringly obvious bait-and-switch scam of all time!

Donald Trump won the Republican Party presidential nomination by building a daddy cult on a bizarre combination of demagoguery and bedtime stories: Don’t worry, Daddy will build a wall to protect you, fight the establishment for you, beat up companies that threaten your jobs, sue media outlets that offend you, hug you (or at least your daughters) when you feel scared. And now that he has won the prize that even he seems not to have expected to win — even he, our era’s foremost carnival barker, didn’t realize this many suckers could be born in so few minutes — he and his puppeteers haven’t even waited for the dust to settle on Hillary’s post-election temper tantrum before leaping headlong into their mission of ensuring that nothing will be done to seriously curtail the progressive agenda that Hillary herself would have pursued. In other words, Trump’s presidency seems increasingly likely to be exactly what any reasonable person who actually listened to this knee-jerk New York progressive should have known it would be: Hillary-lite, or, if you will, Hillary-right. Or, as I’ve referred to it in the past, Orange McConnell.

After toying during the primaries with the conservative talking point of reducing or eliminating the Department of Education, he has appointed a Jeb Bush-style vouchers-and-Common-Core big government insider to head that department. After claiming not to care about the GOP establishment (though also boasting of having been a long-time donor-member of that establishment), he has appointed Reince Priebus as his chief of staff. And now, after making a lot of rabble-rousing gestures about the climate change ruse during the campaign, he is taking the time to meet with the primary human cause of the increased hot air in Earth’s atmosphere, and earning praise from that massive carbon footprint for his “sincere search for areas of common ground,” which coming from Gore means one of two things: Trump is totally in the tank on climate change regulation, or he’s shared with Gore some of his wisdom on the art of groping married women.

So far, then, the Trump presidency is promising crony capitalism on a grand scale, federally-regulated education on a grand scale, status quo establishmentarianism on a grand scale, a free pass for the Clinton crime syndicate, and now an impending, thoroughly predictable “change of heart” from the Doofus-in-Chief on anthropogenic global warming.

Coming soon to a federal bureaucracy near you: a revamped, “repealed and replaced” Obamacare, with “market-based” solutions, i.e., a crony capitalism-friendly version of government-run healthcare. (Remember that Trump is a long-time supporter of socialized medicine, and that his campaign slogan on this issue, “Repeal and Replace,” was lifted directly from McConnell and John Boehner); a new transgender rights and gay marriage-friendly GOP platform, to fulfill Trump’s obligations to his major supporters and strategists, Peter Thiel and Roger Stone; and of course the inevitable about face on his campaign-defining tough talk on illegal immigration, which even during the primaries was being pooh-poohed by his surrogates, who assured everyone that his real policy was touch-back amnesty for the majority of illegals, exactly in line with the policy advocated by the New York Times years ago.

The birthrate of suckers has increased dramatically since the carnival barker of an earlier age made his famous remark about it. As for the equally famous remark about the value of faking sincerity, well, we’re way beyond that now. Faking alone, without even a pretense of sincerity, is enough. People’s idolatry may now be counted on to provide the illusion of sincerity without the faker so much as lifting a (tiny) finger to create it.

This would all be very funny were it not so tragic, or it would all be very tragic were it not so funny — I guess it depends on your mood or temperament.

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