Dr. Fauci Goes Full Totalitarian

Anthony Fauci, a very old man who is presumably going to meet his maker fairly soon, has decided to play out his last hand as a full-on advocate of totalitarian paternalism, calling for a national mask mandate to combat a pandemic that he knows perfectly well is nothing close to the level of dire societal threat that would warrant even the consideration of exercising such extremely illiberal powers. More to the point, ask the good doctor where the U.S. Constitution authorizes any or all branches of the federal government to issue a national mandate on face coverings, and you are sure to be met with the same blank stare, followed by the same obligatory condescending smirk, that you would get from Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michael Moore, or any other leftist minion of the revolution. 

I remind everyone that it was Donald J. Trump who foisted this miniature tyrant on America during this fatal year in the history of modern liberty. Reason Number 239 for dropping that reality television fraud at the bus stop with a one-way ticket to the Miss America pageant on November 3rd. 


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