Cuckoo Headline of the Day

Here’s a beauty from the New York Times’ understudy as official newspaper of international communism, The Washington Post: “Infectious Trump briefly leaves hospital to greet fans as confusion continues over his health.”

It is obvious the Post is preparing readers for the formal attempted murder charges undoubtedly coming against Trump for knowingly endangering the lives of millions of Americans by daring to leave his deathbed and “greet fans” (from a motorcade).

For my complete reply to the Washington Post editorial board on this headline’s underlying implications, I refer you to my essay from a few days back, “How many have you killed?”

Meanwhile, I note the rest of the Post’s deep thought: “as confusion continues over his health.” Whose confusion? He is under the weather. He has had some symptoms of COVID-19, which also happen to be fairly common symptoms of another “deadly virus,” the flu. (See the essay linked above.) And yet he apparently felt well enough to go for a drive and “greet fans,” so I guess he mustn’t have been doing all that bad. I put my money on Trump being a big baby when sick, which would suggest he would have to be feeling pretty well to do a Trump-style publicity stunt like a motorcade greeting to his “fans.” As for the “confusion” about his condition, that is simply a product of people who know little about his illness, and (in most cases) even less about medicine in general, making wild speculative leaps about what this or that word or phrase “really means.” 

He isn’t feeling well. The odds are that he will recover fairly quickly, like most other people who get COVID-19 and show symptoms, unless the person in question has serious underlying health problems that have substantially weakened him prior to contracting the virus, which as far as we know is not the case with Trump — although I would be the first to insist that obesity, contrary to North American normalization, is indeed a compromising health condition. He should walk around, stay off his back, and get plenty of rest. Chicken soup might help.

When totalitarian propaganda becomes downright boring, you know the jig is up.

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