Author Exposes Hypocrisy of Tweeter-in-Chief (and Friends) on Support for Military

Remember that moment during a GOP primary debate when Donald Trump was asked whether members of the U.S. Armed Forces should be expected to follow his illegal orders to commit acts commonly designated war crimes, and answered, “They won’t refuse, they’re not gonna refuse me [pointing at himself to emphasize his personal power], believe me”? Here is the video of that disgraceful moment:

 “If I say ‘Do it,’ they’re gonna do it.” That’s a man — now a president — who has no respect whatsoever for the military and its protocols of honor as principled defenders of their nation, rather than as the personal goon squad of a blowhard president.

And remember the time he questioned whether John McCain was a genuine war hero on the grounds that “I like people that weren’t captured”? Demeaning POWs (not as senators, but as POWs) is the kind of thing you expect from someone who truly has no conception of the kind of hardship military men are prepared to risk for the sake of their country. In other words, it is the sentiment of a man who can’t even fathom what it means to risk anything more important than money, but merely judges everyone in the most cynical, unprincipled “business terms”: if you succeed, you made a good deal; if you are captured, tortured, and crippled, you made a bad deal, and are therefore a loser.

Donald Trump has a long and distinguished history of disrespecting the U.S. military and the sacrifices its members have made to protect this perpetual child’s pathetic, flabby, butt. But now, as “boss” of that military, as he sees it, he has the gall to take to Twitter and blast McCain for lamenting a failed mission, as though it were McCain with the history of demeaning and demoralizing the military, rather than Trump. And of course, Trump’s sycophants, toadies, and cult members, from Congress to the bottom of the barrel — that’s an upward journey, just to be clear — have leapt onto Trump’s coat tails, as usual.

For a perfect assessment of this — perfect as in “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” — I refer you to Caleb Howe’s take-no-prisoners article at Redstate, “Meghan McCain Is Right, Donald Trump Is Wrong, And Louie Gohmert Is A Dick.” (I told you he’s taking no prisoners.) Here’s a taste:

So pardon me, Mr. President, and legions of Trump devotees, and Rep. Gohmert, if I call this sudden objection to criticism of military action some class A bull***t. Criticizing military action was Trump’s calling card, one of the many ways he liked to separate himself from Republicans to please his liberal democrat friends and the media.

This doesn’t mean John McCain is unimpeachably correct, or that criticisms of past or present military actions are necessarily incorrect on the merits. What it means is that Trump and his worshipers are full of it. You can disagree on points of policy, you can debate the success or failure of military endeavors. But this nonsense of calling Senator McCain a “traitor” or disloyal is ridiculous, and particularly, especially, monumentally so coming from Trump.

Savor the whole piece here — it’s brief but cleansing, like sweeping away the dead cockroaches after a good pesticide spray.



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