America To Surge Left During Trump Years

Donny the Wonder Rhino

Donald Trump’s caving to Democrats over the debt ceiling will be the first in a string of ingenious “deals” the New York values President will strike with his long-time leftist friends. By the end of his great swamp-draining presidency, he will have ended any hope of saving the United States from bankruptcy, full-blown socialized medicine, and amnesty for illegals.

I say that not as a prediction, but as a simple description of the future based on Trump’s own statements, his own history, his own stupidity, his own sub-beta male desperation for public approval, and the fact the there is apparently no one in Washington with the will or the clout to stop the Democratic minority, along with their ally-of-ego-gratifying-convenience, Trump, from dictating the domestic agenda of the U.S.

Economic policy, which used to be the one issue on which Republicans of all stripes could more or less agree, at least rhetorically, is now being framed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, at least as far as guaranteeing America will never survive its debt is concerned. And the old-fashioned protectionist Democrats who don’t understand how market restrictions harm American workers and consumers, have finally found their perfect echo in the populist hypocrite Trump.

On health care, Bernie Sanders is about to announce the Democrats’ formal switch from the party of ObamaCare to the party of single-payer medicine. This is no surprise, since Obama himself, before he became a leading presidential candidate, stated directly that transitional stages of government takeover would be necessary to move America into socialized medicine, but that socialism was always the ultimate goal. Already, several prominent Democrats have jumped on board with Sanders’ proposed bill, and many others will soon do the same, for fear of being branded heretics and reactionaries in two years when the thugs have made straight ahead socialism the official party platform. And in this fight to destroy even the nostalgic whiff of liberty’s smoke in America — which is what socialized medicine is all about, in case you were na├»ve enough to think it had anything to do with health care — Sanders and the rest of the quasi-communists have the perfect foil in Donald Trump, who blustered loudly about wanting to “Repeal and Replace” ObamaCare (as the quasi-communists have always quietly intended to do), but also mumbled under his breath about desiring universal health coverage and admiring countries that have adopted socialized medicine so successfully.

Meanwhile, Trump’s administration is already signalling, to the surprise of no one who has being watching Trump without orange-colored glasses these past two years, that they are prepared to negotiate away “The Wall” as anything more than a slogan for morons, in favor of expediting the Democrats’ dream of complete amnesty, providing a new built-in voter demographic for Democrats, i.e., an undereducated underclass with a social justice bias — more easy prey for those who promise free stuff and government “protection.”

Trump will go down in history as the Republican Party’s first neo-socialist president, the man who ushered socialism into America through the back door. The perfect leftist ruse: create a bogeyman version of the Republican Party’s figurehead to rile up the nation against “conservative extremism and intolerance,” all the while using that same Republican as a bludgeon to achieve the big things you could never get past mainstream voters without GOP complicity.

When (if) the cult ever wakes up, it is likely to be in a hell of their own making. Is it too mean-spirited to hope that they do have that moment of reckoning some day? Lord knows they’ve earned it.

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