America: Global Tyranny’s Best Friend

North Korea is executing men because Donald Trump said no to a deal that should never have been on the table in the first place; meanwhile, Trump fluffs his feathers and squawks about his great friendship with the beloved murderer, whom he trusts, Kim Jong Un. Trump has thus occasioned executions merely for his vanity, for his cowardice, for his foolish and failed feather-fluffing. A disgraceful abomination of a half-man. But he’s surely making America great again — because protectionism, fascistic paternalism, executive overreach, and an entire nation reduced to the ego-massage parlor of an infantile megalomaniac is apparently what America is all about.

The orange clown also insisted this week that he has no desire for regime change in Iran, since he wishes only great things for the great Iranian people. In other words, as usual, he doesn’t know his butt from third base.

When Barack Obama failed to speak up on behalf of the Iranian people during the Green Movement protests in 2009, the movement was dispirited and crushed by the theocratic doomsday cult of the mullahs, like all such uprisings before it. Conservatives vilified Obama for his indecency in failing to present clear optics of moral support for the people of Iran in their one plausible stab at overthrowing the mullahs — the same “great people” Trump now mentions in the context of identifying them with the mullahs. Trump is so stupid that he does not understand that in a tyranny, the regime is at odds with the people by definition; and hence that one does not show support for the latter by promising not to harm the former. On the contrary, the explicit declaration of intention not to seek regime change is a bullet in the heart of the people.

This is the same rhetoric — the same death sentence — that Trump used to endear himself to the “great people” of North Korea a year ago, musing romantically about how much they admire and love their dear leader, Chairman Kim. In short, he is an idiot — but still less idiotic than his admirers, who praise his peace efforts and chant “Nobel Prize!” today, but would have called for the impeachment of Obama had the latter been even half as deferential to tyranny as Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be.

“But he’s our tyranny-enabler!” they will object with enthusiasm. 

Indeed he is.

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