Owl or Chipmunk?

When you look at yourself, what do you see? If you are a mature and introspective person, you probably waver in your self-perception between what you wish to be and sometimes think you may almost be, on the one hand, and what you fear having been and doubt you will ever fully cease to be, on the other.

In short, you will — and perhaps should — forever be asking yourself, in effect: Owl or chipmunk?

The owl: Wise; placid; a confident hunter in darkness; farsighted from high, steady perches; naturally at ease on a lonely branch; patiently quiet; calmly fierce.

The chipmunk: Foolish; manic; forever burying nuts but often forgetting where; shortsighted, frantically racing around; most comfortable in reckless chases; loudly chirping; easily frightened.

What do you see today? Owl or chipmunk?

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