Weekend Reflections: Glenn Beck, School Shooting, Royal Wedding

Three events of this weekend, quite unrelated to one another, but all, in their various ways, indicative of the critical state of decline in which modernity finds itself today.

Glenn Beck, having shown the courage of his convictions throughout the 2016 presidential primaries, and having suffered significant financial pain for his troubles, has finally, it seems, buckled under the pressure and come as close as he can to jumping the Trump Train, announcing that he intends to vote for Trump’s reelection happily. He has tried to excuse what is likely at least in large measure a business decision by blaming his about-face on the mainstream media’s dishonest criticism of Donald Trump. 

If he thinks this decision will save his business, he is probably dead wrong, as he is neglecting two facts:

  1. The Trump cult, far from embracing Beck for his sort-of endorsement of their hero, will in truth only mock him mercilessly for his weakness and folly in coming around two years too late and two degrees of cultish enthusiasm too short;
  2. The regular listenership that has stayed with Beck through this period undoubtedly includes a significant proportion — possibly a majority — who appreciate him largely because of his refusal to give in to the Republican establishment’s Trumpish manipulations; this proportion will seep away now that he has unofficially branded himself just another bandwagon-hopper for cash.

With his sell-out of his listener base, and his desperate attempt to win back some Trump voters, Beck has in effect done exactly what Mark Levin did before the election, and what every other national “conservative” radio host has done, namely concede their souls, and their country’s future, before the GOP establishment’s same old “binary choice” fear tactic. 

As long as every non-socialist public voice succumbs to the idea that the only choices are the traditional two parties — “We have a two-party system!” as they say, falsely — the progressives, i.e., Uniparty establishmentarians, continue to win, and America continues to lose.

There has been another terrible mass shooting at a school in Texas. Once again, the media and political posturers (all sides) will overexpose and glamorize this event — for audience numbers and/or political points — thereby increasing the chances of yet another lost soul getting the lunatic idea that killing as many classmates as possible will somehow assuage his frustration, confusion, fear, and mass-culture-bred moral emptiness.

In short, the media and political posturers will, through their actions and words today, all but ensure that more of this kind of local disaster will descend upon America in the near future, and with increasing frequency. Shame on all of them — all of them.

“But it’s news! The news media have to report on it. The political leaders have to comment on it.”


“Because it’s news!”

Why is it news?

“Because it is!”

You keep telling yourself that, if it makes your masochistic urge for thrilling sensations and gossip — “It’s so sad!” — feel more respectable.

A meaningless man of no significant accomplishment to distinguish himself from anyone else is marrying a girl. That’s nice for them — except that a billion people are caught up in this marriage of global insignificance with breathless fascination, as though it meant something.

It means something alright. It means Britain and the rest of the West are so far lost that they would rather live in a childish fantasy world of dashing princes and pretty princesses — in effect, to play with dolls — than face, let alone take responsibility for, the civilization that is crashing around them while they dream their idiotic dreams. 

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