Update on My World Domination Scheme

I note with pleasure that my book, The Case Against Public Education, has now been downloaded from this website by readers in (at least) fifty-two countries. 

The UN officially recognizes 193 sovereign states, and that includes a lot of nations where ideas not conducive to starvation and suppression are not only banned by crackpot regimes, but despised by long-imprisoned populations with neither the time nor the energy for concerns such as the decline of civilization. In that light, fifty-two seems like a good number. But of course, if your goal is complete world domination, twenty-seven percent of the world’s recognized countries, even including almost all of the “advanced” ones and quite a few still-struggling, developing ones, while a healthy start, just doesn’t quite cut it.

So thank you very much to Croatia and Denmark, the 51st and 52nd “sovereign states” into which I’ve made a digital incursion with my subversive message of liberated souls and empowered families. But my imperial impulses will not begin to feel really satisfied until I’ve set foot in at least a hundred nations! Sovereign states? Ha! As the ’60s radicals liked to say, “We’ll get you through your children!” Unlike the Students for a Democratic Society types, however, I aim that message not at liberty-loving parents, but at the liberty-hating progressives who have, over generations, slowly wrested child-rearing responsibility and control away from families, and delivered almost all children into the manipulative hands of government, in the name of squeezing all future citizens into the “social justice warrior / compliant worker-unit” mold. 

Admittedly, we are just getting started, and it will take generations to achieve anything like true success in the mission I have proposed. Still, finding thoughtful and concerned readers in fifty-two nations is a great start — not to mention a great honor.

Traveling upstream can be a struggle, but the rewards are worthwhile

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