Trump’s GOP Boldly Renames ObamaCare!

My first blush reactions to the Republican Party’s newly unveiled “Repeal and Replace” solution on healthcare, presented in the order in which they occur to me:

1. Gee, what a shock — they were lying all these years! Who could have guessed?

2. Republicans who say, with mock resignation, “You can’t roll back an entitlement,” simply never tried to roll one back, wouldn’t care to roll one back, never met an entitlement they didn’t like, and in fact loved ObamaCare precisely because it allowed them to move the GOP closer to single payer healthcare without having to declare themselves as such, on the phony grounds that “It’s too late to go back now.”

Case in point: Charles Krauthammer, one of the great thespians of the mock resignation school described above, has already said, in one of the most incoherent statements ever made by an Important Commentator anywhere.

In the end, the Republicans are gonna have to…essentially the conservatives — the ones who are more radical — are going to have to fall on their swords, because there is no way they can have…this is the signature event for the new administration. If they were to, in the end, eliminate the entitlement, and put it down, I think it would destroy the presidency. I think there is nothing that they could do right now. They’re gonna try to get a more, a more serious, conservative entitlement. But if they were to ask the administration to give, in the end, a, um, to fall on their sword on this, I think it would be disastrous on the part of the conservatives. They are right now asking for destruction of the entitlement. I think after what Obama did, there is an entitlement that is now accepted, but in the end, there is no way that they’re gonna consolidate…they’re gonna consolidate a, um, a loss of the entitlement.

To translate that into English: “In the end, conservatives are going have to fall on their swords, or Trump is, and Trump is better than conservatives in the end, because he wants to keep an entitlement created, in the end, by a bad law signed by the Marxist Obama, whereas the “radical” conservatives want to eliminate that entitlement, in the end, which would be disastrous in the end, because, well, Trump.”

This excess of “swords” and “ends” is somewhat suggestive of what the GOP, the so-called “conservative media,” and the Trump team, are currently in the process of doing to conservatives, and have been for the past year and a half. Krauthammer, who pretended to oppose Trump during the primaries, as did a lot of other fake conservatives, is simply saying, “Either conservatism dies, or Trump’s progressive presidency dies, and I’m with the progressives.” Yes, we knew that, thanks.

3. There is no going back. This entitlement was rushed into law precisely because the Democrats knew the Republicans lacked the principle to challenge an existing entitlement. It was that simple. A law no one liked has created a new level of government control over every American’s life, and no one in power has the guts to do a damn thing about it. Shameful.

4. In 2012, I said repeatedly that ObamaCare was the one issue on which Obama’s re-election bid was vulnerable, and that that was precisely the reason the GOP establishment chose Mitt Romney as their candidate — the only candidate in the primaries who was so compromised on healthcare that he could never effectively challenge Obama on exactly that most winnable issue. The GOP establishment — Rove, McConnell, Boehner, Limbaugh, Drudge, Coulter, and the rest of the fakes and snakes — knew exactly what they were doing: they were giving up the healthcare fight at the only moment it could conceivably have been won, precisely so that it could never again be fought. This new “Repeal and Replace” fiasco provides more evidence for my theory.

5. “Repeal and Replace.” That phrase was coined by/for McConnell and Boehner in 2012. It was picked up early by the Trump campaign. Didn’t any of Trump’s cult members see what that meant? How dumb are these people?

6. Memo to NeverTrumpers — next time a Trump kook or GOP establishment hack (same thing “in the end”) calls you a name, calls you a traitor, tells you to get out of the GOP, and mocks you as a sore loser, just answer simply (to the tune of “Pease Porridge Hot”):

DonaldCare bought, Amnesty sold,
Stimulus is in the pot, trade’s on hold;
McConnell and Priebus, Putin’s been told,
Cults like progressivism, pols like gold.


More on this in the days ahead. Stay tuned.

* By the way, if you missed it, I wrote about this healthcare issue, and Trump’s place in it, a few days before the grand unveiling of RepubliCare. Go ahead and read it here, and then tell me whether I got it about right. (Not that that’s a big accomplishment where Trump and the GOP are concerned. They couldn’t be much more obvious, for anyone not injected with moron-serum.)

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