Trump as Dog Whistle for Sweden

A virus that has proved quite inconsiderate of lockdowns and social distancing continues to be used as an excuse for tyrannical impositions of arbitrary state authority over absolutely every aspect of ordinary human life and interaction.

A virus from China that has proved far less dire and deadly than the Western media had hoped and prayed and propagandized continues to be cited as grounds for debilitating whole societies by fiat and ushering in a “new normal” of totalitarian micromanagement and social control through institutionalized public shaming, i.e., China.

A U.S. president who has by luck found the one issue on which his populist bluster actually constitutes a reasonable facsimile of common sense is being vilified and assailed by media and government progressives as an existential threat to life on Earth — precisely for his sensible if uneducated objections to their strategic efforts to permanently end any properly human life on Earth.

Those expressing outrage and condemning Donald Trump for urging people not to live in fear of this manifestly and self-evidently non-cataclysmic pandemic, and for daring to “return to” comparing COVID-19 to the flu — the only obvious and reasonable object of comparison — are thereby implicitly condemning all the actual scientists and doctors around the world who have similarly urged against lockdowns, compared this pandemic to the flu, and advocated so-called “herd immunity”; and indeed they are implicitly condemning the socialist government of Sweden (of all nations) for refusing to join today’s unleashed global race to irreversible totalitarianism. And the purveyors of this mock outrage know this, in their craven hearts if not in their ugly minds.

They see Trump as the convenient repository for their unrestrained invective partly for this very reason: He is the easily attacked stand-in for all the rational and serious people the progressives wish to silence and rebuke on this issue. True progressives, as always, are universally united on one matter above all: When rationalizations of increased state power are at stake, no dissent or dispute, regardless of the respectability or seriousness of the source, may be tolerated. It is exactly the progressives’ hope and intention to reduce all objections to coronavirus social controls and all rejection of the apocalyptic propaganda on this virus to the person and voice of Donald Trump. This is a convenient way of obscuring the inconvenient truth that everything the blowhard Trump is saying about the virus today is aligned in principle with the official policy that is (very predictably) succeeding in Sweden, and is increasingly but quietly being adopted through other parts of Europe.

We are not all going to die of COVID-19. We are, however, all going to die under tyrannical government. Those are two of the very few human truths in this life of which I am one hundred percent certain.

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