To those fools who thought Trump was a Russian agent…

Donald Trump abandons Kurdish allies in Northern Syria, and does so not in spite of the threat of a Turkish massacre of those allies, but precisely in order to facilitate that massacre, at the personal “request” of the Turkish dictator. 

As they are being massacred, beheaded, humiliated on video by happy Turkish “killing machines” (to apply correctly the term Trump applied repulsively to American troops), the Kurds are fleeing the region, in the process releasing hundreds of ISIS prisoners they were guarding on their territory. 

In a desperate attempt to save their lives and territory, the Kurds — who “feel,” with the feeling of objective truth, that they have just been abandoned to massacre (again) by their supposed ally the U.S.A. — have just signed a deal to allow Syrian troops into Kurdish territory to prevent further incursions by Erdogan’s killing machines. 

This deal to save the Kurds by destroying their hopes of independence, while simultaneously giving Syria’s tyranny broader power and international legitimacy by making Assad the new strategic protector of the Kurds, was brokered by — don’t hold your breath — Vladimir Putin. 

So the upshot of all this is that Donald Trump has abandoned an ally at the direct request of that ally’s mortal enemy, mocked and belittled victims of atrocity by saying they weren’t very good allies anyway, turned those allies over to the mercy of a regime Trump bombed a couple of years ago, and put the survival and future of both the former ally and the Syrian regime firmly in the hands of Vladimir Putin.

A good week’s cowardly treason, even by Trump standards. But don’t worry, his hordes of lobotomized monkeys will keep cheering, just as they would if he had done the exact opposite of all these things. 

As I am trying to avoid falling back into the old “Trump is a Russian tool” silliness, I am hoping someone will come up with an example — just one — of Trump acting (not talking, but acting) in any way on the world stage that did not perfectly match and serve the interests of Vladimir Putin in the long run. Because I sure don’t want to be a bitter-clinging NeverTrumper, but I honestly can’t think of one.

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