Thought Police Update

Len Goodman, a BBC personality of some sort,┬ájoked during a discussion of various foods related to the Queen’s jubilee that he had once been hesitant to try curry, which his grandmother used to refer to as “foreign muck,” although he has since become an enthusiastic curry eater. In response to this utterly innocuous comment — the sort of comment that could only be associated in any way with racism in a society thoroughly basted in generations of neo-Marxist thought control — the BBC received so much public outcry that they were forced to issue an apology for airing Goodman’s remark.

An old man says his “nan” used to scoff at curry, which was unqualifiedly and absolutely a foreign food in the Britain of her day, as “foreign muck,” and we are all supposed to be outraged at the xenophobia, imperialism, hate-mongering, and genocidal power lust of it all. So outraged, in fact, that we all take to our keyboards to submit missives to the universe declaring ourselves morally pure on this issue by demanding that the offender — and, one supposes, his late grandmother — be hauled up before the Tribunal for their well-deserved public shaming and permanent condemnation. And so we do so; that is, we pretend to be outraged. The outrage is ersatz, of course, or rather trained. This is not the moral outrage of people genuinely disturbed or scandalized, but that of people who have been indoctrinated to believe, in the abstract, that any mention, by any person of predominantly white European ancestry, of any opinion about anything that is in any way connected to the non-white-European world, must be regarded as inherently offensive and impermissible; and if that opinion should happen to be in any way negative, even if in the most respectful, qualified, and playfully self-deprecating way, then what was merely offensive and impermissible immediately (i.e., unconditionally and with no contextual exceptions) becomes worthy of everlasting exile from the morally pure collective of right-thinking persons.

The essence of the act of denaturing is to train a man to react to things, right on cue, not in accordance with his rational judgment and personal emotional interests, but in accordance with a rulebook which is, by its very universal applicability, intrinsically detached from any reasoning or sincere emotion, as though turning the man into a robotic referee who mindlessly enforces the irrational and ever-changing rules of a game of elimination, penalizing and ejecting players willy-nilly, by the book, as though this purely mechanistic role had displaced all traces of his true individual essence.

An old grandmother is leery of a strange-looking and strong-smelling new food from a faraway land. If this is in any way indicative of racism, imperialism, or xenophobia, then what are we to say of the daily statements and “sentiments” of those well-trained members of today’s neo-Marxist collective who regard every word or thought indicative of white European culture as evil and ugly? Of course the question is absurd, for everyone knows that in the Marxist playbook, moral righteousness and tolerance of differences are never a two-way street, two-way streets being a remnant of the old systemic oppression imposed by the intolerant European imperialists. The new, tolerant Marxist imperialists must not sully themselves with deference to such logocentric, genocidal atrocities as fair play and basic human understanding.

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