The Law of Non-Contradiction: Life and Non-Life

Strictly speaking, the opposite of life is not death, but rather non-life. Everything depends, then, on how one defines life, in order to determine, by implication, what non-life entails. That is to say, it is possible that death is not essentially opposed to life at all, if life is defined in such a way that non-life may be attributed to a being that is not dead. In that case, death would simply be one special case of non-life, rather than the definitive example. 

Perhaps death only seems to be the definitive example of non-life to materialists and other literalists — which would be paradoxical, since materialists and literalists, in the final analysis, do not believe that life truly exists, and hence, ipso facto, cannot logically admit the reality of life’s alleged opposite, death. Today, however, in our age of materialist literalism, men easily, willingly sacrifice life in every way, supposedly in the name of avoiding (what they define as) non-life — yet more proof that modern materialism is self-contradictory. (That it is self-annihilating, on the other hand, needs no further proof.)

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