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Trump, Insurrectionist or Idiot?

A group of highly credentialed conservative lawyers is publicly arguing that Donald Trump is constitutionally disqualified from running for the presidency ever again, on the grounds of his “participation in the attempted overthrow of the 2020 presidential election.” Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz, the most distinguished liberal lawyer of the past forty years, has spent the past seven of those years so deep in the...

One Popular Certainty That Is Patently False

The vast majority of Trump supporters who wanted to prevent the certification of the 2020 electoral votes, including those who were prepared to fight on Capitol Hill to stop Joe Biden from becoming president on January 6th, 2021, were not, as per the standard talking point of our day, “trying to overturn an election.” Nor were they “trying to destroy American democracy.” On...

Did Trump Incite Insurrection?

Did Donald Trump have a decisive role in inciting and fomenting the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol, in which his supporters smashed doors to gain entry to offices, and coercively occupied the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives?

Yes. Yes yes yes. Obviously, yes.

Did Trump know he was inciting insurrection?