Suicide Watch (Civilizational Edition)

As I have predicted, we are beginning to see a significant rise in the number of suicides, as news about the Pandemic that Ate a Planet continues to dominate the public chatter, and as governments, in a desperate race to exploit the mass hysteria, leap to the rescue with increasingly totalitarian “solutions” and “relief.” 

An observation: Doesn’t it take the nerves of a murderer for the news media to report on the increased suicides as a startling new “effect” of the coronavirus outbreak? Is this not a classic instance of the criminal returning to the scene of his crime? For all the world media’s efforts to use this pandemic as a political instrument with which to punish this or that ideological opponent by blaming Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, or any other leader for “causing” virus deaths, is it not obvious to all not swept up in the childish panic that it is these so-called reporters and journalists themselves who have the real blood on their hands in this situation? For are they not guilty of a worldwide exhibition of “falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic,” to use Oliver Wendell Holmes’ original phrasing of his oft-quoted judgment?

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