Spring Interrupted by Global Warming!

Oh, dear, it’s happening again. Just when you’re sure your relatively moderate climate, having reached the official first full day of spring, is headed for warmth and flowers from here on out as usual, along comes that dastardly global warming…er, cooling…um, I mean “climate change” — yes, that’s it, “change”! — to set you right back to February. Come on Al, pitch your line!

Anyway, while the global tyranny crowd seeks to distract us, and rationalize their regulatory fantasies, with their paranoid hit parade of bromides — Ice caps! Thirty-year trends! Submerged cities! Thirty-thousand polar bears balanced on the head of a pin — those of us who choose to live in the real world, which is to say those of us who see what global progressive administrative state despotism is all about (hint: it ain’t about “saving the planet”) are left to make the most of Mother Nature’s immortal taciturnity.

My way of doing so is to take advantage of her little spring surprise as an opportunity for some interesting pictures. Enjoy.

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